Don Taylor, DTh
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Dean of the College
Mark Ahlseen, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
Brenda Beckman-Long, PhD
Assistant Professor of English
Rhoda Cairns, PhD
Assistant Professor of English Literature
David Catterick, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics: TESOL
Kevin Daugherty, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology
Ron de Jager, DMA
Associate Professor of Music and Voice
David Ernst, DMin
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry
Joel From, PhD
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
Darren Gordon, EdD (Cand.)
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages
Ken Guenter, MA
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History
Alan Guenther, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Charles Hackney, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Samuel Hildebrandt, PhD
Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology
Calum Macfarlane, PhD
Associate Professor of History and Interdisciplinary Studies
Ken Moser, MA
Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry
Wes Olmstead, PhD
Professor of New Testament
Lori Peters, MSc
Instructor in Kinesiology
Grant Poettcker, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Steve Robitaille, MBA
Assistant Professor in Business Administration
Truitt Wiensz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Matthew Zantingh, PhD
Assistant Professor of English


Brad Doerksen MA, MSc
Instructor in History
Michael Pawelke DMin
Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Studies
Ellery Pullman PhD
Professor of Psychology and Educational Leadership


Michel Bell MSc
Adjunct Professor of Business Administration
Johannah Bird MA
Instructor in English
Throughout my adventures this year, I have made some incredible friendships with amazing people who have challenged me to grow in my faith, embrace hope in the future, and break out of my comfort zone.
Loris Tiede