Alex Cheing, PhD

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Business is a challenging field due to its unpredictable nature. Manage the uncertainties with wisdom and faith. 
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Alex Teaches:
  • Introduction to Marketing, Business Law
  • Principles of Leadership and Administration
  • Current Issues in Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour

Teaching Philosophy

Blended approach based on situational context. Holistic-focused business perspectives.


Prior to entering academia, Alex Cheing has over a decade of telecommunication industry experience in Asia with Maxis, Celcom, DKSH, and Samsung. He started his career with British Market Research Bureau, UK in 2004. He had held various positions in business development, channel management, regional marketing, and market research.

Alex taught at Methodist Pilley Institute in Malaysia before moving to Canada in 2018. He serves on the Editorial Review Board for Asian Journal of Business Research, British Food Journal, and Young Consumers.


PhD Business Administration, Asia e University, 2018
MSc Business Administration, Open University Malaysia, 2012
Bachelor of Business Studies, Charles Sturt University, 2003
Cert Sustainable Business Strategy, Harvard Business School, 2021


Strategy in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Competitive Advantage
Business Model Sustainability
Consumer Travel Behaviour


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  • Cheing, A., Hong, E.H., Kuek, T.Y.,Chai, B.H.B. & Cham, T.H. (2020). Social Media Effectiveness Indicators of Microenterprise Strategic Planning. Asian Journal of Business Research, 10 (1), 150-166.

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