Frequently Asked Questions


Will courses from another college transfer into Briercrest College and Seminary?
If you send us an official copy of your previous post-secondary transcript(s), we can give you an evaluation of which courses you will receive for credit as soon as we receive your application. Visit our credit transfer page for more details.

Can Briercrest College and Seminary courses be transferred to other colleges?
Yes! Briercrest College and Seminary has formal transfer agreements with the Arts and Science department at the University of Saskatchewan and with the Faculty of Arts department at the University of Regina. We also have a partnership with SIAST that allows students to receive credit for up to 50 percent of their Briercrest courses upon completion of an AA or a BA.

What's a modular week?
Several times each year, Briercrest offers modular classes, which are condensed courses that students may take over the course of one week. Each class meets from Monday to Friday, usually from about 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (with a lunch break). A portion of the course work is typically due at the beginning of the week, while the majority of the course assignments are due several weeks after the end date of the class.

Can I take exams early to accommodate travel plans?
No. Please do not make any travel plans until the exam schedule has been finalized.

Do parents receive copies of their son or daughter's transcripts?
According to the Privacy Act, we cannot give students' academic information out without their written permission. We realize that this may seem unfair to some parents, especially if they have made a significant financial investment in their child's education. We ask, though, that parents protect our legal responsibility to keep their son or daughter's transcripts confidential. If a parent would like to see a copy of the transcript belonging to his/ her child, he or she must arrange to sign a release form with Academic Services.

Where can students get help with homework?
We offer a Writing Centre that meets in the library. The centre provides the following services at the hours posted in the library:

  • peer consultation regarding your papers and writing assignments
  • help with the process of formatting these documents correctly
  • advice concerning any research and writing queries
  • guidance in anything from the composition of a rhetorically effective thesis statement to spelling your professor's name correctly



What is the full cost for one college school year?
You will find the College Cost Calculator here on our website. For a detailed cost breakdown (including cost of living in dorm, meal plans and tuition rates), you can also visit our tuition and fees page.

What financial assistance do you offer?
Each school year Briercrest offers thousands of dollars in financial assistance, through scholarships, bursaries, and student employment opportunities. Visit our Scholarships and Bursaries page for more information.


Briercrest Facts

What denomination is Briercrest College and Seminary?

Briercrest College and Seminary is a transdenominational institution; approximately 60 denominations are represented in our student body. *Note: the term "transdenominational" differs from the term "interdenominational;" "interdenominational" may imply that only two or three denominations are represented.

What are the start and end dates of the school year?

All students (who are not participating in Briercrest Athletics or the Student Leadership Team) attend Registration Day, which generally falls somewhere in the first week of September. The final day of exams generally lands on December 19th or December 21st (depending on the year).

Briercrest's winter semester begins in the second week of January. However, for students taking a January modular class, the first day of class is scheduled to begin on the first Monday of January. This semester officially ends between the 18th and 22nd of April, and the graduation celebration takes place shortly thereafter. For further information, you can go to the key dates and deadlines area of the "Current Students" webpage.



Where is Briercrest College and Seminary?
We are located in Caronport, Saskatchewan, which is less than an hour west of Regina (pop. 200,000), the capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada. We are 15 minutes west of Moose Jaw (pop. 34,000) on the Trans-Canada Highway.

What is the weather like in Caronport?
Our summers are hot and our winters are cold and dry. We do not get much rain at any time during the year, but we can boast of a whole load of snow during our winter months! Even during these white winters, though, we enjoy relatively clear skies, characterized by bright sunshine and brilliant sunsets. You'll need to bring shorts and t-shirts for the early fall and late spring, as well as a warm jacket, winter boots, and gloves/mitts in preparation for our Canadian winters.


Student Life

What activities/resources are available for spiritual development?

  • Sunday worship services
  • worship gatherings
  • small groups
  • daily chapel services
  • Bible studies
  • prayer meetings
  • ministry experience
  • Christian enrichment conferences
  • discipleship
  • community of Christian friends
  • Student Mission Team (SMT)

What co-curricular activities are available?

  • varsity sports in hockey, basketball, and volleyball.
  • intramurals in most popular sports (i.e. hockey, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, etc.).
  • drama (especially at special events such as Youth Quake and Briercrest's well-known Christmas production).
  • dance groups, such as Refined Undignified.
  • music, choirs, orchestra, recording studio, as well as private and group lessons.
  • places to meet with friends: student lounges, snack bars, the Crossroads Cafe™ coffee shop, and the Point, our student centre.

What off-campus activities are available?
The city of Moose Jaw is a short 15 minute drive away from Caronport. Moose Jaw offers both recreation and shopping opportunities, including but not limited to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, the Kinsmen Sportplex (including a pool and waterslide), the historic Tunnels of Moose Jaw, a laser tag course, Galexy Cinimas, several pool parlours, paint ball, and numerous restaurants and cafés. Regina is located just under an hour away and provides many more great opportunities!

Can students get Caronport mailing addresses?
Yes! Students can get a Canada Post box at our post office, located on Centre Street.



When can I visit the campus?
We welcome our prospective students, together with their friends and family, to attend one of our many campus visit events throughout the year. Simply select a day that suits you best and call our Admissions office at 1-800-667-5199 in order to arrange your visit! Also, remember to check out the campus visit section for a list of upcoming campus visit events.

What are your admission requirements?

Our basic admissions requirements for most of our programs include:

  • the student has earned a high school diploma with a minimum average of 60 percent in four academic grade 12 courses, including at least one academic English course.
  • the student is a professing and practicing Christian.
  • the student is committed to live by the standards set out the Briercrest College and Seminary



What types of ministry opportunities are available to Briercrest grads?
Briercrest College and Seminary graduates have a wide range of ministry opportunities open to them! Christian organizations and churches around the globe often post both full-time and part-time ministry positions on our Briercrest website. Our career page highlights multiple organizations who seek to employ our graduates in a wide variety of ministry positions. Other Briercrest graduates continue their education, thus using their Biblical education to provide a solid foundation by which they can represent Christ in both the classroom and in their future careers.

Does Briercrest College and Seminary prepare students for marketplace roles?
Yes, our Briercrest alumni serve in both ministry and marketplace settings. We provide whole-person education that will help to prepare you for service in whatever career you choose. We trust that our students will develop in Christian character and integrity, in addition to those essential job skills that prepare our graduates for today's workplaces.

For more information about ministry and marketplace opportunities check out our Career Centre.



I can't picture myself attending any other school after I have experienced the beauty of the scholarship and community of Briercrest that has shaped me into a lover of knowledge and tight-knit community.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015