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Alan Guenther, PhD

Assistant Professor of History   306.756.3284    

History of Christianity, History of Islam, History of Christian-Muslim relations, History of Modern Middle East, History of Modern South Asia, Empires and Imperialism in World History
  When teaching or writing about another's religion, make it your goal to express the history and beliefs of that faith in a way that the other could say, "Yes, that is what I believe." 

Teaching Philosophy

I see my role as a teacher to be that of a facilitator of the student's education. I seek to stimulate the students' to desire to learn, and then to enable them to discover truths on their own.


Alan's interest in the history of Islam is based initially on the four years he lived in Pakistan from 1988 to 1992 while serving as a missionary with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). Upon returning from Pakistan, he pursued academic studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University in Montreal, completing both his graduate degrees there. The focus of his research has been the historical development of the Muslim communities in British India in the late 19th century as well as the interaction of Muslims with Christian missionaries in that time period. Since 2005, he has had the opportunity to teach courses not only on the history of Islam, but also on the history of Christianity more broadly at Briercrest College and Seminary in his home province of Saskatchewan.


PhD Islamic Studies, McGill University, 2005
MA Islamic Studies, McGill University, 1998
BRE, Briercrest Bible College, 1987
Bachelor of Biblical Studies, Prairie Bible Institute, 1983


History of Muslims in India in the modern era
Muslim law in British India
Christian-Muslim relations in South Asia
History of Evangelical Christianity
History of Methodist movements
My classes bring out things in my own life - they're very applicable and they mesh well reminding me of why I'm here
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