Briercrest offers housing options for mature students and families listed below.

Mature students are those who are:

  • 23 years of age or older at the beginning of the semester requested
  • in their 4th year and have spent at least six semesters living in dorm

Mature Student and Family Housing

Before you will be considered for any school-owned housing, you must be accepted into the college or seminary and pay your confirmation deposit. Once you have paid, the Admissions staff will put you in touch with our housing manager, who coordinates information on renting or purchasing all types of campus housing. All single students wishing to live out of dorm must first be approved for Community Housing through the Student Development office before moving into any of the housing options below.

School-owned rental units

The school offers a number of rental units that provide student families with comfortable accommodation during their time at Briercrest. All units are subject to availability. 


Students may also purchase privately owned houses on campus. Houses or basement suites may be rented (when available) by private arrangement with the owner.

Privately owned mobile homes

Students may purchase mobile homes to avoid rental costs during their time on campus. The lot rental is $130.00 per month, the license fee is up to a maximum of $78.31 per month depending on square feet of the trailer, and water and sewer is $79.50 per month.

Use the links below search out local real estate agents online for Moose Jaw or Caronport.


God has used Briercrest to catalyze His redemptive work within me and I'm simply awestruck when I compare the past and present state of my heart. It's truly a divine miracle that my soul is now able to enjoy such freedom, joy, love, and grace.
Sheridan Clifford