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David Catterick, PhD

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics: TESOL
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  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Intercultural Communication
  Live as though your life belongs to the Lord, not as though it somehow belongs to you. Allow the Lord to shape your hopes, dreams, and aspirations and see Him do more than you yourself could ever wish or hope for. 

Teaching Philosophy

I believe my role as a professor is to use the teaching skills I have been given in order to help my students achieve both their professional goals and God-given potential. I encourage every student to commit themselves fully to their training while at the same time allowing themselves to be shaped by the work of the Holy Spirit. My hope and prayer for every student is that they will quickly identify what Zoltán Dörnyei calls their possible self and see it gradually transformed into their future self, a person who loves the Lord deeply and is willing to surrender their newly-acquired skills for His strategic purposes in the world. I want my teaching to always be aligned with excellence. My desire is that my students leave my class having seen a highly proficient teacher at work, not least because I will to some extent be a model for their own future professional practice. However, I firmly believe that the true measure of teaching excellence does not rest in my own performance. Rather, the final word on my teaching comes from the lives of my students. Every time a program director tells me of the life and work of my graduates in rich and glowing terms and asks me whether I can send them more, I know that by God's grace I have taught with excellence.


I was born in England but spent my early childhood in Australia. Since arriving in Saskatchewan in 2006, my family and I have come to appreciate the open skies and friendliness of the people. I enjoy the opportunity to train students who will go on to impact the world through English language teaching.


PhD in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, UK, 2010
MEd in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Manchester, UK, 1995
BA (Honours) English and German, University of Liverpool, UK, 1989


Employability Skills in TESOL
Support of International Students in Higher Education


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What's been most satisfying is learning from professors who are brilliant and can teach the material in clear, engaging, and understandable ways.
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