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  • BU 100 Introduction to Business Management

    Introduces the functional areas of business and their integration for effective and efficient operation of organizations in a variety of contexts.

  • BU 200 Business Research Design

    This course develops skills in conducting research projects emphasizing research design, data collection, survey design, sampling, interview, observation, qualitative and quantitative approaches. Consideration will also be given to the topics of data analysis, interpretation, and scientific reports.

  • BU 201 Introduction to Marketing

    This introductory course is designed to give students a broad understanding of the marketing process including the characteristics and scope of marketing. The focus is on setting organizational marketing goals, assessing market opportunities, designing market strategies, anticipating and solving marketing problems, monitoring the implementation process, assessing the market needs, cost analysis, and adjusting the marketing plan.

  • BU 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting

    Study of accounting theory and application for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations including the preparation of financial statements, specific aspects of accounting such as control over cash, accounts receivables, inventory plant assets, payroll, and liabilities.

  • BU 214 Business Communication

    Concentrated instruction and practice in technical and job related expository writing.

    Cross-listed: COMM 214 Business Communication

    Prerequisite: One of ENG 100 Literature and Composition I or ENG 101 Literature and Composition II

  • BU 220 Business Law

    This course examines law related to business practice including the concepts of contract law and how they are influenced by various legislative acts and common law.

  • BU 301 Marketing Research Project

    This course identifies different sources of gathering marketing data and various methods of presenting this data. Students will have opportunity to present key marketing information.

    Prerequisite: BU 201 Introduction to Marketing

  • BU 310 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

    Examines the theory and praxis of establishing new business ventures and the on-going management of small businesses including venture and capital formation, finance, marketing and human resource management.

    Prerequisite: BU 201 Introduction to Marketing

  • BU 312 Managerial Accounting

    Study of internal accounting for managerial decision-making including cost-volume profit analysis, manufacturing cost planning and control, cost behavior, responsibility accounting, master budgeting, capital budgeting, quantitative analysis, financial statement analysis, and cash-flow statement.

    Prerequisite: MATH 110 Personal and Business Mathematics and BU 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting

  • BU 320 Business Finance

    A study of the principles and methods of business finance that includes: assessing a business enterprise's financial needs, acquiring the funds the enterprise requires, and allocating funds in the most profitable and economical way.

    Prerequisite: BU 312 Managerial Accounting

  • BU 330 Operations Management

    This course examines analytical tools, techniques, concepts and technology used to design, plan, control, and improve manufacturing from raw materials' production to the output of finished products, and includes four fundamental parts of operations management: operations strategy, process design and management, product development and production systems, and effective supply chain management.

  • BU 340 Agribusiness Management

    The study of business management applied to agribusiness with an emphasis on financial competency, marketing, strategic planning, and information systems management. This course applies business administration principles to agricultural production, distribution, and management with an emphasis on financial competency, marketing, strategic planning, and information systems management.

  • BU 350 Human Resource Management

    This course familiarizes students with the functions of human resource management throughout the entire organization. Topics include selection, personnel planning, training and development, compensation, and labour relations. Students are also involved in the communication aspects of business and human resource management. This includes class presentations, employment search techniques, and professional speaking.

  • BU 355 Customer Relations Management

    This course will examine the concepts and processes in acquiring, enhancing and retaining customers. The course emphasizes client intelligent access, team collaboration, performance measurement, and control mechanisms through technology orients analytical feedback.

  • BU 360 Sports Management

    This course applies business principles to sport and sports organizations emphasizing leadership, resource and volunteer management, event planning, strategic planning, decision-making, conflict management, crisis, and ethics.

  • BU 400 Senior Business Seminar

    This synthesis course provides the opportunity for students to come together for advanced study into specific business issues. Topics include further studies on the role of Christians in the business world, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. The course includes significant reading assignments and group discussions.

    Prerequisite: Senior standing (15 credit hours of BU credit hours or BU cognates credit hours) or permission of the instructor

  • BU 410 International Business

    This course examines global economies, multinational businesses, and worldwide markets, how the local and global contexts are shaped by international business environments, cultural dynamics, economic developments, and political situations. Each of these topics will be considered through the lens of global social responsibility.

  • BU 420 Business Strategy

    An examination of the skills and competencies necessary in order to develop and to implement a successful strategic vision. The course examines the issues underlying strategic thinking, strategy development, and the key components of successful strategic execution. As well, it stresses competitive analysis and advantage, the complexities of resource allocation, and the nature of moral and ethical managerial leadership, all while staying attentive to organizational culture and mission.

  • BU 440 Agribusiness Seminar

    This seminar will explore agribusiness issues and innovations with reference to Canadian agricultural contexts, trends, and challenges.

  • BU 450 Current Issues in Marketing

    This course will examine such issues as globalization, sustainability, out-sourcing, neuro-marketing, and other contemporary issues with a broader awareness of marketing, its foundations, ethical implications, and potential value creation impact.

    Prerequisite: BU 201 Introduction to Marketing

  • BU 455 Digital Marketing

    This course will explore digital marketing strategies in response to ubiquitous access, consumer engagement, and the democratization of media. Additionally, students will develop key digital marketing skills required for the contemporary workplace within Canada and around the world.

    Prerequisite: BU 201 Introduction to Marketing

  • BU 460 Issues in Sport Leadership

    This course will examine the role of business administration applied to the objectives, organization, and procedures of sport. Also, this course will explore theories, techniques, and principles of leadership in sport management.

  • BU 490 Business Internship

    The Business Internship provides the student with practical and supervised professional work experience in an organizational environment. This course is essential for a complete understanding of the application of business theories and procedures.