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Pastoral Studies

  • PAST 355 Homiletics

    This is the introductory course on the preparation and delivery of expository sermons. Major emphasis is given to students' ownership and use of a hermeneutically sound method for developing, supporting, illustrating, and applying a biblical text. Students deliver messages in class.

    Cross-listed: COMM 355 Homiletics

  • PAST 435 Pastoral Internship

    This internship is intended to help prepare students to be well-grounded in areas specific to their vocational/lay direction as it pertains to pastoral ministry. It provides a practical, supervised experience in the tasks, attitudes, and skills of giving pastoral leadership to a church.

    Prerequisite: Permission of the Christian Ministry program coordinator

  • PAST 437 Pastoral Theology

    This course focuses on the biblical, theological, and historical basis for Pastoral ministry and on developing the spiritual disciplines necessary for the pastor's personal, ongoing spiritual vitality.

    Note: Students with credit for PAST 437 Pastoral Theology I may not take this course for credit

    Prerequisite: CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry

  • PAST 438 Pastoral Ministry

    This course will provide practical instruction in both discerning and working within vocational ministry contexts, with an emphasis on the foundational role of one's theology in vocational ministry.

    Note: Students with credit for PAST 438 Practical Theology may not take this course for credit

    Prerequisite: CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry

  • PAST 445 Pastoral Counselling

    An examination of biblical perspectives and foundational theory and practice for pastoral care and counselling. Topics include understanding the fundamentals of the therapeutic process including basic interviewing skills, preliminary assessment, referral options, and documentation. Emphasis will be placed on ethical practice, confidentiality, and circle of care.

  • PAST 453 Variety in Preaching

    This course is designed to assist students in the development of greater variety in their style of preaching. Emphasis is placed on the development of creativity and the use of inductive movement, narrative form, and story as means of better communication. Students deliver sermons in class.

    Prerequisite: PAST 355 Homiletics

  • PAST 466 Soul Care

    This course is designed to equip pastors with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to give spiritual direction to individuals and for their particular church.

    Prerequisite: THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology