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Study Areas


Computer Science

  • CMP 127 Introduction to Computers

    This course is an introduction to basic computer applications. Emphasis is placed on developing a thorough working knowledge of word processing, the Internet, and spreadsheets.

  • CMP 315 Harnessing Digital Technology

    This course examines the processes and implications of harnessing business technologies, including topics such as business applications, hardware, operating systems, programming languages, and packaged software. Important intersecting concepts such as management information, machine learning, systems analysis, design and implementation, database and file design, and system audit and control are also addressed.

    Prerequisite: CMP 127 Introduction to Computers <br><br><b>Note:</b> Students with credit for CMP 315 Management Information Systems may not take this course for credit

  • CMP 410 E-commerce Web Design

    This course will examine computer science and business management applied to e-commerce solutions, and incorporating marketing, sales, and operations management. Students will learn how to build an e-commerce website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

    Prerequisite: CMP 127 Introduction to Computers