Married Student Discount

  • 40% tuition discount for a spouse of a full-time student

Eligibility criteria:

Full-time student
  • Full-time is defined as being registered for a minimum of:
    • 12 credit hours per semester in the college or
    • 9 credit hours in the seminary
  • Distance Education courses may be used to maintain full-time status
  • Distance Education courses used to maintain full-time status will only be counted in the
  • semester in which they were registered
  • Meets the academic requirements of Briercrest College and Seminary
  • Course(s) must be for credit
  • On-campus courses only are eligible (except when completing Intercultural Studies program internship requirements)
  • Distance Education courses qualify under the following conditions:
    • Student must live on-campus
    • Courses must be completed by the last day of class in the semester registered in
Other conditions and limitations
  • Discount will be applied to the student with the least number of credit hours
  • Private music lessons do not qualify
  • Married student discount used in combination with other scholarships and bursaries may not exceed tuition in any given semester
  • If tuition is being paid by an outside agency (excluding student loans) the student will not be eligible for this discount
  • Student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.3 (college) or 2.5 (seminary) or higher. Failing to maintain this cumulative GPA will result in termination of the award effective the beginning of the term following their cumulative GPA falling below the minimum GPA requirement. Should the student fail to maintain eligibility requirements for the Married Student Discount, the student will no longer be eligible for the award until the criteria is met (2.3/2.5 cumulative GPA and in good standing). Students will be notified by email/mail should they not meet the eligibility criteria
  • Taxable benefit – T4A


To apply for the discount, complete and submit the Married Student Discount Application Form.