Get a well-rounded education built on a biblical foundation.

This program is a great option for students looking to get an overview in the field of business while specializing in the “language of business”—accounting.

Take advantage of a partnership that sets you apart.  Be inspired to see business differently, get the best of theory and practice, and use your credits to get a head start on professional designations.

Briercrest’s BA Business Administration is provincially authorized as a university-level degree, making it a perfect first step to a career or to graduate studies. 


Sask Poly partnership

Our partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic gives our students access to the best of both schools. Specialize in a marketable Business diploma while living in Briercrest's discipleship community.

Put it into practice

Accounting is about more than numbers; it's about conducting audits, doing business analyses, and presenting financial information. Put your knowledge into practice with business simulations, case studies, and group projects.

Do business biblically

At Briercrest, we don't just see Scripture as a helpful tool for business; we see it as the foundation on which to build all our principles and practices. Learn what God's word has to say about life and business.

Sarah Richards (Class of '18)

I am able to start the CPA program with the courses I’ve taken through both schools. I was able to take the co-op program through SaskPoly which gave me experience in my area of study and ultimately led me to the job that I currently enjoy.

  • Overview
  • Requirements

This program, in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic,  is designed to provide students with a well-rounded  business education that is rooted in and enhanced by Biblical Studies, Theology, and Arts and Science. Upon graduation, business majors are equipped to serve both Christian and secular organizations. Students will obtain a business diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic as well as a Bachelor of Arts Business Administration from Briercrest. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a province-wide network of post-secondary training institutions that has a graduate placement rate consistently above 90 per cent. 

This degree is designed to give students an overview of the field of business while specializing in one particular area. The specializations offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus are:

  • accountancy
  • financial services (banking)
  • human resource management
  • insurance
  • management
  • marketing

Past graduates have pursued many types of careers including that of a business manager, entrepreneur, accountant, service technician, banking service provider, and business development consultant.

The BA Business Administration in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a 120 credit hour degree program in which students spend 3 years studying at Briercrest and 1 year at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw campus. This degree requires the completion of 60 credit hours of major requirements. The BA Business Administration requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 120 credit hour degree.

Credit Hours: 120

I. Required for Saskatchewan Polytechnic Concentration (60 credit hours):1
ADM 367 Principles of Leadership and Administration*
BU 201 Introduction to Marketing
BU 211 Financial Accounting*
BU 214 Professional and Technical Writing*
BU 350 Human Resource Management*
CMP 315 Management Information Systems:
ECON 100 Microeconomics*
ECON 101 Macroeconomics*
MATH 110 Financial Mathematics*
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistical Methods
BU 400 Senior Business Seminar
Students choose one of the following concentrations (30 credit hours transferred from SKPT):
Financial Services (Banking)
Human Resource Management

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio
SL 1-4 Service and Experiential Learning

1. Completion of a diploma through Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a graduation requirement for the BA Business Administration with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Concentration at Briercrest.
2. Courses marked with an asterisk* are helpful to be taken prior to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic year.

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.

Your Future

Possible Careers
  • Accountant
  • Non-profit accountant
  • Stockbroker
  • Tax advisor
Potential Graduate Programs
  • MA Leadership and Management at Briercrest Seminary
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Leadership Certification