Bachelor of Arts

Christian Ministry: Childhood Studies

Learn the perspectives and skills needed for effective ministry with children.

The Childhood Studies concentration is the perfect choice for students preparing for children’s ministry in a church setting, or who simply want to prepare to run a ministry and engage with people in any ministry context.

Study childhood from biblical, psychological, and practical vantage points. Put your learning into practice in various ministries both on and off campus, and get connected with internships both locally and globally.

Learn together

Christian Ministry students get to learn from faculty with years of ministry experience. Small class sizes mean opportunities for close contact with professors and discussion with peers from diverse concentrations and denominations.

Discover your passions

Versatility is an asset for careers in ministry. Study in several concentrations while specializing in two, getting both a broad understanding of ministry and a deep knowledge of the work you’re called to.

Prepare to invest

Invest in the lives of children as you study on campus. Use our connections with local churches, Sunday schools, and after school programs to grow in your calling and ability to serve.

Megan Yusep ('18)

Childhood Studies was the perfect concentration to prepare me for children’s ministry. My ministry-focused classes where hands-on and I had the opportunity to learn from a variety of fields like Psychology and Sociology.

  • Overview
  • Requirements

This program provides a strong liberal arts foundation, biblical and theological grounding, and the skills necessary for success in ministry settings and the marketplace. This program is specifically designed to equip students for effective service and leadership in professional or lay settings by allowing them to tailor their program to include courses in several concentrations of study:  Adolescent Studies, Camp Ministry, Childhood Studies, Family Studies, Mission Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Worship Arts. Additionally, the program provides a firm foundation for further study at the graduate level. This program ultimately seeks the transformation of students for effective ministry to the church and world through quality classroom instruction along with experiential education in a broadly defined academic and ministry training program.

Past graduates entered many types of careers including pastoral and associate pastoral ministry (youth, children, women, family, etc.), lay and ministry-related teaching, missions, camp leadership, church administration, and various other ministry and lay positions.


Graduates of the BA Christian Ministry will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in a breadth of ministry skills.
  • Articulate a culturally sensitive theology of the mission of the church and their place within it.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to teach or preach effectively.

The BA Christian Ministry requires 45 credit hours of Christian Ministry and Christian Ministry-related course work (including 24 credit hours at the 300+ level). There are two layers of requirements in this program. First, students must complete the 18 credit hour ministry core requirements. Second, students must choose both a primary (18 credit hours) and secondary concentration (9 credit hours) from two of the following options: Adolescent Studies, Camp Ministry, Childhood Studies, Family Studies, Media Arts, Mission Studies, Pastoral Studies, Sport Studies, and Worship Arts. Like most Briercrest programs, the BA Christian Ministry requires 39 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 120 credit hour degree.

Credit Hours: 120

I. Ministry Core Requirements (18 credit hours)

CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry
CM 105 Perspectives in Mission
CM 439 Christian Ministry Internship
CM 461 Issues in Ministry Leadership
PAST 438 Practical Theology
One of:
COMM 104 Public Speaking
COMM/PAST 355 Homiletics

II. Ministry Concentration Requirements:

Primary Concentration in Childhood Studies: 18 credit hours including at least 12 credit hours from 300+ level.

Required Courses:
CM 121 Foundations of Children's Ministry
CM 322 Children Ministry Skills (required in primary concentration only)

Electives to be selected from:
ADM 367 Principles of Leadership and Administration
CM 321 Spiritual Formation of Children
EDUC 200 Introduction to Education
EDUC/PSY 322 Exceptional Children
EDUC/PSY 471 Educational Psychology
FMST 316 Families in Crisis
FMST/SOC 317 Sociology of the Family
KIN 320 Camp Management and Leadership
NTST 110 Introduction to Native Studies
PAST 438 Pastoral Theology II
PHI 300 Philosophy of Education
PSY 381 Psychology of Human Development: Children
THEO 301 Worship in the Christian Tradition
YM 220 Camp and Youth Ministries

Secondary Concentration: 9 credit hours including at least 3 credit hours from 300+ level from one of the other ministry options.

Note: For students pursuing a minor, courses from either their Core or from free electives may be used, but not courses from ministry concentrations

III. Free Electives (to bring credit hour total to 120 credit hours)

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning

In addition, all Bachelor of Arts degrees require the completion of Briercrest's core curriculum.


Blayne Banting
Blayne Banting DMin, PhD
Associate Professor of Preaching and Christian Ministry
Geoff Dresser
Geoff Dresser DWS
Assistant Professor of Worship Arts
Marilyn Muller
Marilyn Muller MA
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Ministry
Michael Pawelke
Michael Pawelke DMin
Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Studies
Brian Westnedge
Brian Westnedge MA
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Ministry
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Possible Careers
  • Camp leadership
  • Chaplain
  • Global missionary
  • Pastor

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Potential Graduate Programs
  • Master of Youth Ministry at Briercrest Seminary
  • Master of Christian Ministry at Briercrest Seminary
  • Master of Divinity at Briercrest Seminary
  • MA Theological Studies at Briercrest Seminary

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