Student Development

Students receive an outstanding education at Briercrest. This takes place through our academic programs, including excellent classroom learning opportunities with caring and competent teachers. But what takes place in our learning community does not stop there. The Student Development team at BCS embraces the opportunity to partner with our academic colleagues by providing co-curricular extensions of the learning that takes place on campus. Student Development seeks to serve BCS students by providing a caring atmosphere and healthy activities with the goal of Life Transformation in Community. This transformation process includes opportunities for:

  • Spiritual and Intellectual Formation
  • Character Cultivation
  • Leadership Development

The Student Development team is intentional about nurturing an atmosphere that enables students to experience significant growth as individuals and in key relationships, as the Lord continues the good work he has begun in each of them.

Student Development at Briercrest: Purpose and Activities

Student Development at Briercrest College and Seminary is a team of dedicated individuals operating out of a variety of offices who provide strategic services and resources on campus conducive to the comprehensive and holistic process of character formation that takes place over the course of several years in the life of a student. As enthusiastic members of Briercrest's learning community, Student Development functions in partnership with BCS's academic divisions and provides strategic support toward the fulfillment of BCS's mission, facilitating learning experiences outside of the classroom and guiding each student along a path that leads to life transformation in the context of a caring Christian community. This integrative process:

  • Varies in age-appropriate approaches at high school, college and seminary levels, and includes care for students both on and off campus, and those involved in special programs
  • Provides basic foundational spiritual growth opportunities helpful to students from various levels of churched backgrounds; these include community chapels, small groups, hall meetings, and mentoring relationships
  • Takes into consideration the denominational, cultural, racial and ethnic diversity of our educational community, as we seek to respect and embrace both our differences and our unity as followers of Jesus
  • Provides opportunities for healing and restoration to students dealing with levels of stress and challenge through a range of counseling and health services
  • Offers healthy outlets and involvements for students needing to develop social skills in a safe Christian community environment through dormitory living, campus social spaces, special events, and activities provided under the direction and vision of the Student Government leadership teams within each school; in this unique social atmosphere students often make what will become life-long friendships
  • Assists in providing leadership development opportunities to students through residence life, student government, athletics, and other organized campus entities such as Refined Undignified (dance outreach ministry) and YouthQuake (BCS's major annual youth event)
  • Provides a pastoral presence in the lives of young men and women through the servant-leadership of residence directors, counselors, coaches and other staff, complementing the care of our faculty that often extends far beyond the classroom
  • Offers loving and firm accountability for students as they learn to live joyfully in a particular Christian community context while wrestling with the challenges of fulfilling their specific responsibilities and expectations

These priorities are intended to facilitate growth and success in students' lives, both in and out of the classroom, as they prepare to become mature Christians who will faithfully and effectively serve in their churches and communities in the future. We believe that God is actively at work in each student's life, and it is our goal in Student Development to partner with Him by providing focused attention on the process of relational and spiritual transformation that is taking place during this season of their lives.

The Student Development team's efforts contribute toward Briercrest being recognized as an outstanding Christian leadership training institution for high school, college, and seminary students. Our aim is for BCS to be a worthy consideration for students seeking to grow in spiritual formation and leadership development within the context of a Christian higher educational setting. The Student Development team at BCS offers a unique combination of services for the purpose of:

  1. providing an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual transformation
  2. prioritizing maximum academic achievement for every student
  3. developing leaders for the church and marketplace (marked by lives of service)

In this process we emphasize the cultivation of values consistent with Christian character development, including integrity, accountability, work ethic, humility, courage, and teamwork. We are convinced that a student who graduates from a Briercrest school leaves with much more than a degree or diploma. In partnership with other departments on campus, Student Development works to see that upon leaving BCS each student is equipped to be a life-long learner, and to lead a life of effective and relevant service in the church and the world for the sake of Christ.

Student Development important documents including

  • Student Responsibility and Expections
  • Policy Reference Guide
  • Residence Life Code


You are welcome to reach us by phone at 306-756-3360 or with any questions or inquiries.

Student Development Staff

  • Dean of Students: Kevin Thiessen
  • Senior Resident Directors:
    • College Men - Blair Klassen
    • College Women - Tara Martens
    • Briercrest Christian Academy - Kirsten Matthies
  • Resident Directors:
    • Ali McMaster (College Women)
    • Isaiah Moffatt (BCA Boys)
    • Jacob Adams (BCA Boys)
    • Lea-Anne Ramer (BCA Girls)
  • Counselling Centre Coordinator - Semhar Ghedela
  • Community Life Coordinator - Nichole Cara
  • BCA Director of Discipleship - Caleb Willems
  • Student Development Administrative Assistant - Lea-Anne Ramer
  • Den Cafe Manager - Tracy Taylor
  • See our staff directory for contact information