Mark Ahlseen, PhD

Associate Professor of Economics   306.756.3266    

Economics, Accounting, and Financial Math.
  My life's vocation Bible verse is Isaiah 33:22: "For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King; it is He who will save us." 

Teaching Philosophy

Instruction at a Christian college is about integrating Biblical truths into the discipline you are teaching. If the Bible contains the truth, which I believe it does, then it will become self-evident to the Christian student you are instructing.


Born and raised in Rockford, IL, except for two years when my family moved to Ulricehamn, Sweden. My family consisted of an older brother and younger sister as well as two God-fearing parents who brought up their children in the fear of the Lord.


PhD, Economics, Texas A&M University, 1986
MS, Economics, Texas A&M University, 1983
BS, Accounting and Economics (double major), Taylor University, 1979


The role of government education in a free society
Government's effects on economic growth


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Most satisfying: the support and encouragement from the staff, faculty, and students that can only be achieved in this particular learning community. Most disappointing: that it took me so long to find this place.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015