Charles Hackney, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology
 chackney@briercrest.ca   306.756.3263    

Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, Research Methods, Statistics, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Religion
  It's complicated. 

Teaching Philosophy

People are a fascinating puzzle, and psychology is an amazing field of study. As a teacher, I hope to spark the same interest in students, setting them to the task of trying to understand the human condition.


My family and I have lived in Caronport since January 2010, and I have found that my background in Fairbanks, Alaska, has equipped me well for the task of living in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy Shakespearean and musical theatre, Judo, and geeking out over a variety of sci-fi/horror/fantasy media.


PhD Social/Personality Psychology, University at Albany SUNY, 2003


Positive psychology
Psychology of religion
Terror management theory
Psychology of martial arts


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Getting the chance to come together with a small group of believers to intensively study the Word while doing activities that we all have a passion for is really cool!
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015