Tailor your degree to fit your needs. 

Taking a minor enhances your major by giving a new perspective to your degree. Study more deeply in another area that interests you and grow more versatile as you pursue your calling.

Add a minor in Biblical Studies to your program and grow in your knowledge of Scripture while working towards your degree. 

View the course requirements for a minor in Biblical Studies below.

  • Overview
  • Requirements
Credit Hours: 18

A Minor in Biblical Studies requires 24 credit hours of study including 9 credit hours at the 300+ level and 6 credit hours in both Old Testament and New Testament studies.

Required Courses:
BLST 111 Introduction to the Old Testament
BLST 109 Introduction to the New Testament

Old Testament Electives
BLST 205 Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom
BLST 206 Introduction to the Prophets
BLST 305 Wisdom and Poetry Book Study
BLST 367 Studies in the Pentateuch
BLST 425 Advanced Studies in Old Testament Literature
BLST 434 Prophets Book Study
HEB 300 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I
HEB 301 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II

New Testament Electives
BLST 214 General Epistles
BLST 230 Pauline Epistles
BLST 304 Acts
BLST 306 Romans
BLST 309 John
BLST 310 1 Corinthians
BLST 381 Hebrews
BLST 385 Revelation
BLST 415 Advanced Studies in New Testament Literature
BLST 435 Synoptic Gospels
BLST 436 The Gospel of Matthew
BLST 437 The Gospel of Luke
BLST 438 Galatians
BLST 439 Pastoral Epistles
BLST 440 The Thought and Theology of Paul
GRK 301 Greek Exegesis I
GRK 400 Greek Exegesis II
GRK 401 Advanced Greek Exegesis

Additional electives that count toward a Minor in Biblical Studies
BLST 213 Hermeneutics
BLST 324 Bible Synthesis
BLST 325 Bible Origins: Text, Transmission, and Canon
BLST 331 Scripture and Canon
BLST 371 Jewish Backgrounds to Early Christianity
BLST 378 Women and Vocation
BLST 423 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation
BLST 454 Religious Studies Seminar

The Minor in Biblical Studies cannot be combined with the BA Theology.