Ten reminders that you're not in Caronport anymore

Posted: June 5, 2018

To the Briercrest students scattered in the Dispersion...

When a southern wind blows without bringing a strong blast of dairy farm, you know you’re not in Caronport anymore. It's been almost six weeks since school ended and Briercrest students began their mass exodus from the special town of Caronport, SK. Here are ten things that students who miss Caronport know to be true.

1. Hanging out with people takes way more effort.

You may have been bored out on the priaires in mid-February, but no one can deny that simply walking down the hall and sitting on your friend's bed was the easiest way to hang out ever.

2. Nobody waves at you when you walk down the street. 

You miss those special waves shared with complete strangers. Moose Jaw may be called the Friendly City, but you know that Cport puts them to shame. 

3. Sidewalks.


Not sure what to do with those. Too fancy.

4. Bikes have locks. 


Again, too fancy. Some people even keep theirs in garages.

5. Everything has locks.

You're really having to readjust to knocking on people's doors and waiting for them to let you in.

Just me, waiting outside... Obama self. 

6. You miss the stars.


Caronport skies are pretty much the best thing ever.

7. You can get groceries without seeing anyone you know.

You miss the Moose Jaw Superstore, unofficial colony of Caronport. Especially on Sunday afternoons.

8. No one tells you to "go in peace to love and serve the Lord" after a church service...


...and leaving church has never been more awkward. You find yourself whispering "Thanks be to God" under your breath just to get some closure.

9. Eating alone.  


Lunch breaks aren't the same without caf fries and caf friends.

10. You miss it already.

Here's the heartwarming ending you knew was coming. The more time you spend away from Caronport, the more you realize what a gem it is. In just a few short months, it'll be time to come back... until then, go in peace to love and serve the Lord. (You're welcome.) 


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Getting the chance to come together with a small group of believers to intensively study the Word while doing activities that we all have a passion for is really cool!
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015