Minors Intercultural Studies

Program Overview


Credit Hours: 21


The Minor in Intercultural Studies requires 21 credit hours of study, including 9 credit hours at the 300+ level.

Required Courses (9 credit hours):
CM 105 Perspectives in Mission
HIS 339 World Christianity from the Colonial Period to the Present

One of:
   ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology
   COMM 200/GLST 200 Intercultural Communication
   GLST 301 Globalization

Electives (12 credit hours):
ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology (if not taken above)
ANTH 310 Ethnography
CM 405 Current Issues in Mission
COMM 200/GLST 200 Intercultural Communication (if not taken above)
ENG 322 World Literatures in English
GLST 301 Globalization (if not taken above)
GLST 412 Global Studies Internship (3) or GLST 413 Global Studies Internship (6)
Any History (HIS) 300+ course, with the exception of North American History courses
LING 105 Introduction to TESOL
LING 300 Language Acquisition Theory and Practice
Any Native Studies (NTST) course
RLST 311 World Religions
SOC 396 Urban Sociology
THEO 370 Theology of Mission

The Minor in Intercultural Studies cannot be combined with the concentration in Mission Studies in the BA Christian Ministry.

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